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Appendix 10. Effect of Backscattered Electrons on the Geometric Factors of the LEMS30 Telescope (Hong MS Thesis)

Note: Xaiodong Hong's thesis is included here in its entirety. Sections, tables, and figures have been renumbered in accordance with the numbering systems being used in this handbook. The original thesis is available at Fundamental Technologies, LLC, and at the Anschutz Science Library at the University of Kansas.

Abstract. The calculation of geometric factors of the deflected low energy electrons of the LEMS 30 telescope of the HISCALE (Heliosphere Instrument for Spectral, Composition and Anisotropy at Low Energies) instrument aboard the Ulysses spacecraft has been done by John Buckley (see Appendix 9) without considering the effect of backscattered electrons.

This thesis reports on the development of a numerical simulation with the consideration of backscattered electrons from the surface of the telescope and the recalculation of the geometric factor for the deflected low energy electrons of the B detector of the LEMS 30 telescope. In order to compare the results of non-backscattering electrons and those of including backscattered electrons, minimal modifications of Buckley's code have been made.

The results are presented and show that the backscattered electrons have a significant effect on the geometric factor of the LEMS 30 telescope.

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