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Chapter 1. Purposes of This Document

The following handbook is a compilation of the characteristics of the HISCALE instrument suitable for supporting the scientific analysis of its data.  It is intended to supplement the already published literature.  Key items needed to establish the physical observations are included in this handbook.  Geometries, passband, thresholds, look angles, and efficiencies are given for nominal instrument performance.  It is intended that sufficient information be provided here to allow correct interpretation and/or recognition of both anomalous and nominal performance.

1.1 Scientific Objectives

The Heliosphere Instrument for Spectral, Composition, and Anisotropy at Low Energies (HISCALE) is designed to obtain measurements of interplanetary ions and electrons.  The ions and electrons are detected by five separate solid-state detector telescopes oriented to give essentially complete pitch-angle coverage from the spinning spacecraft.  Ion elemental abundances are determined by a DE vs E telescope using a 5 mm front detector element in a three-element telescope.  Inflight calibration is provided by radioactive sources mounted on telescope covers which can be closed.  Ion and electron spectral information is determined using both broad-energy-range rate channels and a pulse-height analyzer for more detailed spectra. The instrument weighs 5.775 kg and uses 4.0 W of power.

Objectives for the HISCALE experiment have been refined by taking into explicit consideration the most current theoretical and modeling efforts in heliosphere physics.  The launch of Ulysses in October 1990 occurred during the peak of solar activity in solar cycle 22.  HISCALE will make significant contributions to ISPM science during this interval and during the prime polar passes, which will occur near solar maximum.  Main objectives of the experiment include:

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1.3 Summary of Instrument Characteristics

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