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Chapter 1 (continued)

Table 1.4 Geometrical factors and nominal backgrounds


Notes: The commendable lower threshold for DE1 is 47.5
IDF.DAT: ISPM LAN Instrument Description file
*Revision: Aug./15/85 (first)
*Revision: Sep/21/90 (R. E. Gold with LJL,TPA,RBD,SEH,EPK,ECR)
*Revision: Sep/21/90 (R. E. Gold. - DE geometry factor set to 0.1)
*Revision: Jan/14/92 (TPA, Choo, - G in cm2 sr)
*Revision: Mar/25/92 (ECR,LJL,GOLD,TPA)
*Revision: May/07/92 (TPA-passbands, ECR-DE geometrical factor)
*Revision: Oct/18/92 (Team. 'Center Energy' for all the channels are
changed to use geometrical mean of E-lo and E-hi)
*Production version number VERS:1.17

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