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2.3.4 Lan Pulse Height Archive Block

Last revised: 18 December 1991

Item Description
1 Rates of WART Channels
Variable: WART(8,14)
Type: R*4
Length: 112 words, 448 bytes
The rates (counts/sec.) are to be accumulated over the time period identical to the pulse height events.
First subscript: Sector number
Second subscript: Channel number
Ch. Passband
W1 0.5-0.95 MeV protons
W2 0.95-1.6 MeV protons
W3 0.42-1.3 MeV/nuc. alphas
W4 1.3-7.5 Mev/nuc. alphas
W5 0.5-2.0 MeV/nuc. CNO
W6 2.0-11.0 MeV/nuc. CNO
W7 0.275-0.875 MeV/nuc. Fe-group
W8 0.875-15.0 MeV/nuc. Fe-group
Z2 WART D Z > 1 , E > 0.7 MeV
Z2A WART D Z > 7, E > 7.5 MeV
Z3 WART D Z > 5, E > 2.5 MeV
Z4 WART D Z > 10, E > 9.0 MeV
C Singles
D Singles
2 Sector Timing Block
Units: Actual accumulation times in seconds.
Type: R*4
Length: 8 words, 32 bytes
Arrays: T8(8)
First Subscript:  Sector number
T8 is for all 8 sectored data. These quantities are to be actual accumulation times which take account of the occasional short sectors or dropped spins which result from the incommensurability of spin rate and data accumulation and readout rates.
3 Duty Cycle
Units: Dimensionless fraction of time (see item 8 above) which each channel was active.
Type: R*4
Length: 112 words, 448 bytes
Arrays: FA8(8,14)
First subscript:  sector number
Second subscript:  channel number
4 Number of Events Present
Variable: NEVENT
Type: I*4
Length: 1 word, 4 bytes
This can vary from 0 to 1024. Archiving will always be wrapped-up and restarted on even hours.
5 Number of Zero Events Omitted
Variable: NZERO
Type: I*4
Length: 1 word, 4 bytes
Contents: Number of blank events skipped
6 1024 Repetitions of the Digitized Events
Variable: IEVENT(2,1024)
Type: I*4
Length: 2048 words, 8192 bytes
First subscript:
Word 1 Byte 1 - C pulse height
Word 1 Byte 2 - D pulse height
Word 1 Byte 3 - Priority/Channel
The most significant 2 bits, 8th and 7th, are the priority schedule. The 6th, 5th, and 4th bits provide the W channel # selected for the event-2 pair. The value 0 to 7 corresponds to W1-W8 channels respectively. The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st bits provide the W channel # selected for event-1 pair. The value 0 to 7 corresponds to W1 - W8 channels respectively.
Word 1 Byte 4 Sector
The most significant 4 bits are event number. Possible values are 1 and 2. The least significant 4 bits is the sector number. Possible values are 1 to 8 for the 8 sectors.
Word 2 Event time (hundredths of seconds offset from header start time)
Note:  HISCALE instrument samples 2 pairs of events, (C1,D1) and C2,D2), each time.
7 PSPARE(278)
Type: I*4
Length: 278 Longwords, 1112 bytes

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