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4.13 Summary of HISCALE 4-pi Viewing and Sectoring Relationships

Document Source : Dr. Ed Roelof
Date: March 23, 1992
Subject: WART Angle

I have recalculated the phase angle in the s/c X-Y plane between CA60 and LEMS30. I believe you are carrying it as 48.60. I got 113.70 by going back to the engineering drawings of LAN 2B. It also yields agreement between W1 (0.5-1 MeV protons) and FP'6 (ions of about the same proton energy) for plots using PITCH on the Jupiter data. This will also affect the modifications for the DE electron pitch cosines.

Memo from R. GOLD
Subject : LAN look directions
Date: March 22, 1991

The sun pulse, actually a pseudo sun pulse, defines the start of a spin. The pseudo sun pulse occurs when the sun crosses the spacecraft X axis.

We also have the ability of introducing an additional offset into the start of our accumulation sectors by a LAN sector lag command. Since this lag does not come out in our data stream, we do not intend to use it.

Clock angle from x axis0 90270 18048.6
Polar angle from z axis30 60120 15060
Full opening angle51 5351 5345


Figure 4.88 LAN "Rosetta Stone" for sectors

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