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Ulysses HISCALE Data Analysis Handbook


Appendix 7. LAN EDR Interface Specification


A7.3 Data Overview


EDRGEN shall accept frame synchronized telemetry data in the Science Data Format and in the stand-alone engineering format and monitor format. EDRGEN shall extract the appropriate data from the telemetry minor frame and place them into the defined locations in the data blocks of each individual science record.


Filler and spare bits in the EDR formats shall be binary zeroes unless otherwise noted.


Each experiment or engineering record shall contain standard SFDU primary and secondary headers, a ULS unique tertiary header, and an instrument unique science data block (reflecting the instrument record structure) or an engineering record. Each record will also contain a complete set of engineering and housekeeping for the time period covered by that record. Figure A7-4 illustrates the physical format of each EDR. EDR tapes shall contain collections of these records separated by inter-record gaps.


Figure A7-4 ULS EDR record format





The Radio Science and Gravitational Wave experimenters will occasionally request engineering EDRs which contain only extracted engineering and ground monitor records as described in Section 5.12 of the original document but not included here.


The following subsections define EDR processing, record build-up, and the EDR data block formats for each instrument. The "DS#" designations are generic and represent digital science words for the particular instrument. These designations are the same as those shown in the telemetry format diagram found in the Experiment Appendices of the ESA Functional Requirements for ULS Data Processing ("green blocks").



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