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Ulysses HISCALE Data Analysis Handbook


Appendix 9  Geometric Factor Study for the Deflected and Unscattered Electrons of HISCALE (Buckley MS Thesis)



Below is a figure showing how the detector is broken down into smaller area elements. The starting coordinates for the trajectories for a particular area element are located at the center of each square. The coordinates are in units of inches. The z-coordinate is the same as that shown in Figure A9-19, but y' is in the plane of the detector, and it makes approximately a 25° angle with respect to the actual y-axis.


The area of each square is .00789 in2, and the area of each partial square is .00592 in2.


Figure A9-20 Geometry of detector segmentation


Figure A9.20


Table A9-7  Coordinates of detector segmentation


Table A9.7



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Manufacturer: ESA provided the Ulysses spacecraft, NASA provided the power supply, and various others provided its instruments.

Mission End Date: June 30, 2009

Destination: The inner heliosphere of the sun away from the ecliptic plane

Orbit:  Elliptical orbit transversing the polar regions of the sun outside of the ecliptic plane