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Ulysses HISCALE Data Analysis Handbook


Chapter 5: Inflight Performance


5,3 In-Flight Calibration Sources



ISPM/LAN Flight Unit Radioactive Sources*


LEMS 30 1 m Ci Americium-241
1 m Ci Barium-133
CD 60 1 m Curium-244
0.1 m Ci Gadolinium-148
LEMS 120 1 m Ci Americium-241
Americium-241 5.47 mV alphas degraded to 0.5 mV
Cirium-244 6.12 mV alphas
Gadolinium-148 3.18 mV alphas
Barium-133 45, 75, 266 and 319 kV electrons



*Will be mounted during storage period or at KSC


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Manufacturer: ESA provided the Ulysses spacecraft, NASA provided the power supply, and various others provided its instruments.

Mission End Date: June 30, 2009

Destination: The inner heliosphere of the sun away from the ecliptic plane

Orbit:  Elliptical orbit transversing the polar regions of the sun outside of the ecliptic plane