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Ulysses HISCALE Publications and Presentations


Additional Ulysses HISCALE Publications and Presentations


Simnett, G. M., E. C. Roelof, and S. J. Tappin, Electron Anisotropies During the Period Ulysses Spent Out of the Ecliptic Plane (1993-1997), in Correlated Phenomena at the Sun, in the Heliosphere, and in Geospace, Proc. 31st ESLAB Symposium, ESA Spec. Publ. SP-415, 69-74, 1997.




Lanzerotti, L. J., R. E. Gold, K. A. Anderson, T. P. Armstrong, S. E. Hawkins, S. M. Krimigis, R. P. Lin, C. G. Maclennan, M. Pick, E. C. Roelof, E. T. Sarris, and D. J. Thomson, Low Energy Interplanetary Charged Particles: Solar South Pole to Solar North Pole, Il Nuovo Cimento, 19C, 927, 1996.




M. Boufaida, Gradients of 0.3 to 5 MeV Protons in the 1-5 AU In-Ecliptic Plane: Propagation, Modulation and Acceleration, Ph.D. dissertation, Univ. of Kansas, 1995.




M. Pick, A. Mangeney, S. Hoang, P. Chaizy, K. A. Anderson, R. P. Lin, E. T. Sarris, and R. Forsyth, Ulysses Observations of a Pure Electron Event and Its Associated Type III Radio Emission on December 15, 1990,COSPAR Meeting, Washington D.C., Aug., 1992. (Ed. note: We have information that this was published in Adv. Space Res., 13/9, and also in Fundamental Problems in Solar Activity (edited by M. Pick and M. E. Machado, published by Elsevier, and now out of print.)






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Manufacturer: ESA provided the Ulysses spacecraft, NASA provided the power supply, and various others provided its instruments.

Mission End Date: June 30, 2009

Destination: The inner heliosphere of the sun away from the ecliptic plane

Orbit:  Elliptical orbit transversing the polar regions of the sun outside of the ecliptic plane