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Ulysses HISCALE Data Analysis Handbook


A17.3 LAN Spare - LEMS/LEFS LINEAR, Crosstalk in Linear Energy Channels


Document Reference: Memo from D. E. Fort to R. E. Gold, August 28, 1984


Crosstalk tests were performed on the LEMS/LEFS LINEAR (SN003) board with all shields in place and the external calibrator input shorted. The test was accomplished by injecting a fixed energy signal into one channel and observing the response on all other linear channels. Table A17-1 gives the results for each of the linear channels (B, F, M, F', M') and Figure A17-8 shows the induced waveforms for some of the worst cases.


Note that maximum crosstalk tends to occur between channels which are physically adjacent. Additional filtering of the supply voltages did not help, indicating that the remaining crosstalk is due to physical proximity and lack of shielding. The worst (B into F @ 100 MeV) represents 69 dB of isolation which is the best one can achieve without a special effort at shielding. At more reasonable input levels, the cross talk is less than 5 keV. This is considered acceptable for the Solar Polar mission.


Table A17-1 LEMS/LEFS LINEAR crosstalk




Figure A17-8 Analog wave forms




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