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Ulysses HISCALE Data Analysis Handbook


Chapter 2: HISCALE Data File Descritions and Overview


Chapter 2.2: Experiment Data Record (continued)


2.2.4 Lanzerotti (LAN) Experiment


The LAN EDR science record is designed to a cycle of 8 telemetry formats (1 format=32 frames) or 256 telemetry frames.


Record Buildup. LAN science record buildup proceeds with the extraction of the appropriate LAN bit locations from telemetry frames 1 through 256 of each 8 telemetry format cycle.


Record Header. The LAN record receives a standard SFDU header and tertiary header.


Data Block. The LAN data block contains extract from the science data format. The order of world locations from the telemetry frame is preserved in the EDR data block.


Table 2.13 LAN EDR data block format

0   7 15 23


1.) The above 7 word structure repeats 255 more times for a total of 1792 32-bit words (7168 bytes or 57344 bits,  total) representing 8 telemetry formats. The EDR record has 124 bytes of SFDU Headers for a total record length of 7292 bytes.
2.) See Figure 4.37 for Specification of Words #61 and 62 which contain spacecraft-generated flags, housekeeping and engineering information.
3.) The 256 repetitions Words #3-7 contain (1280 words or 5120 bytes) of HISCALE Data specified according to Table



Table 2.13a HISCALE Science Data Block




1.) Specification of the 6 bytes of the Status Preamble are given in Figures 4.39 and 4.40 and in section 4.6.
2.) The 128 bytes of the MFSA block are 4 repetitions of 32 channel pulse height spectra (binned pulse heights) acquired according to a sequence given in section 4.5 (Data System), pages 4-78 and 4-80, for the M,M',F, and F'. The MSFA subcommutation flag is contained in the 3 rightmost (LSB) of the 1 Byte of the status preamble.
3.) This 478 byte block contains the count rates from LEMS30, LEMS120, LEFS60, LEFS150, and Composition Aperture (CA) or WART rate channels in spin average, 4 sector, or 8 sector accumulations. This block also contains four digitized pulse height pairs from the CD detector. Table 2.14 gives the complete definition of this block. The Rate and CA block is repeated for each spin pair.

4.) The Status Trailer block contains the timing information on sectors described in Figure 4.42a (Data System).


Table 2.14 Science data rate and CA one spinpair (same as Table 4.15)



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Manufacturer: ESA provided the Ulysses spacecraft, NASA provided the power supply, and various others provided its instruments.

Mission End Date: June 30, 2009

Destination: The inner heliosphere of the sun away from the ecliptic plane

Orbit:  Elliptical orbit transversing the polar regions of the sun outside of the ecliptic plane